Here’s the provisional timetable (even the workshop titles are provisional!), it will definitely change as we get nearer the time so check for updates before you come along. If you have any suggestions for workshops, email reclaimleeds@gmail.com


Dinner’s everyday at 7pm for a small donation. And there’ll be evenings entertainment on tap.

There will also be ongoing activities for anybody to participate in whenever you drop in. These include:

Our Stories – what’s being cut: a space to attach stories about our most important experiences with services that government are cutting.

Art Wall: expressing our visions of an alternative Leeds on a blank canvas.

Kids Corner: All the stuff needed to keep the little ones entertained.

Our Priorities: comparing what we value with those clear from government spending.

Mapping the Cuts: a map to locate and remember stories of resistance and community inspiration, how cuts are affecting Leeds and our hopes for the future.

Monday 31st Jan

9 – 1:30 Countermapping Leeds – A workshop exploring how representations of space affect how we interact with our city.

5.30 – 7.30 Regeneration in the City –In this talk we’ll discuss how the regeneration of Eastgate is affecting Kirkgate Market. Leeds Kirkgate Market is one of the few non-gentrified zones in Leeds City Centre and a great public space where people of different ages, cultures and class mix. The prospect of a new corporate mega shopping centre (Eastgate development) and budget cuts in the Council’s accounts means that the future of the Market is under discussion. Leeds City Council who owns the market has launched a consultation and we fear a much smaller, middle class ‘olive and ciabatta heaven’ is what they might have in mind possibly run by or with a private developer. We could end up with a new Corn Exchange or Dark Arches disaster. Now is the time to get involved in this campaign to preserve and dignify one of the best spaces in Leeds!  For more information: http://kirkgatemarket.wordpress.com/

7.30 – 9 Opening Discussion. Talking about why we’re here and what we want to get out of the week.

Tuesday 1st February

4 – 5:30 Legal Defence Group – Get to know your legal rights in public order situations.

5.30 – 7.30 Cuts and Housing – A workshop linking the crisis in relation to housing, the cuts and reforms of the Condems and then open up to facilitate discussion of what can do about it locally.

6.30 – 7.30 Dance snippets, a collection of contemporary dance pieces.

7.30 – 10.30 Film Night – Night of short films, email us to contribute to the playlist. Cinema seats and pop will be provided.  

Wednesday 2nd

5 – 6 Disabled People and the Cuts – Workshop examining the how the cuts affect disabled people and what people are doing about it, hosted by Disabled People’s Direct Action Network.

6 – 7.30 How to Steal an EducationIn an era of university cuts and tuition fee rises, here’s an alternative approach to higher education.

7.30 – 10.30 Slam the Cuts – A poetry slam with political overtones, come along to listen and join in. More details here.

Thursday 3rd

6 – 8 Supporting Action in Leeds – A meeting to start setting up support structures to help people protesting and taking action in Leeds be safe and secure, such as coordinating action medics, legal observers and arrestee support.

6 – 8 Unionism and the workers struggle – A workshop on the role of unionism in fighting the cuts.

7.30 – 8.30 What if there were a movement and we weren’t invited? – A critical reflection on the changing times to evaluating the strategies and tactics we’ve employed, and how we shall act in the future.

8 till Late: Games Night – Taking our games to the street, join us for subversive entertainment, having fun and reclaiming the streets.

Friday 4th

2-4 Sewing and clothes making skillshare – we got the machines and the material, just bring yourselves!

2-5  Squatting Skillshare- come learn about plumbing electric and locks.

2.30 – 4 How are cuts impacting on families and carers – Discussing families, wider issues, inovlving parents in social movements and general rants. Kids welcome, there’s a kids corner with activities for them to do in the same room.

4 – Fighting abuse and building healthy communities in the absence of funding.

5-6 Women and the Cuts- An open discussion about how the cuts will disproportionately affect women, thinking about how this can be challenged.

6-7 – housing and the cuts- problems and solutions.

8 – Late. An evening of acoustic music and free haicuts.

Sat 5th

2-3 Radical Healthcare Workers Basic Life Support training – A group of healthcare students and medical professionals will be running a workshop on basic life support. We will be teach you how to assess unconscious people using DRABC and will teach a compressions only CPR technique. This is  because current recommendations place emphasis on high quality chest compressions over artificial respirations and a method involving only chest compressions is recommended for untrained rescuers. We will also have copies of our zine (a basic guide to basic self care) for a small donation.

3 – 4 FitWatch and Our Response to Surveillance – Learning how to resist the growth of political surveillance

3-4:30 Contact Improvisation Workshop – Contact Improvisation is a movement form based around moving in contact with another person. Based around physical communication, personal responsibility and mutual respect, it can be wild and acrobatic or gentle and meditative. Suitable for all bodies, levels of physical ability and experience, you just need an enquiring mind.

5- 6:30 – NHS and Privitisation

7.30 – 8.30 Mathilde improvised music and dance performance – Four dancers and musicians collectively navigate the physical and sonic space, exploring the boundaries of each other’s realms and giving way to enchanting spontaneous interactions that carry you with them through a playful and entertaining improvised performance.

7.30 – Late: Band Night – Live local music galore –

D.Millard 9pm

Tatu Carreta  – 10pm,

Radio Partizan – 11pm

Eternal Fags – 12am

Etai Keshiki

Afternoon Gentlemen ..

Sunday 6th

1:00 – 2:30 Northern Indymedia – Let’s be the media!  Why independent news is important and how to create it.

2.30 – 4 Benefits Cuts and Claimants Unions – A workshop on the effects of cuts to benefits and how we can fight them.

4 – 6 Where Next: How to Create Our Future Today – A closing workshop to learn from the week, link struggles in Leeds, resist the cuts and create the future that we want to see


13 Responses to Timetable

  1. TinyTom says:

    will there be a need for volunteers to keep the occupation in place voer night and do clean up type things in the morning etc? If so I’d be more than happy to participate in that over the weekend, but not during the week coz I have placement *dull*.

    this sounds brilliant by the way,

    Tom x

  2. Sarah Covell says:

    Best of luck with this, it is time that we reclaimed Leeds for the people. Less developers more development of people, places and resources for the community!

  3. Tom H says:

    If you want evidence of how the benefit cuts are already affecting people then NSUNs most recent newsletter contains two accounts of people with mental health problems who will definitely suicide if made to attend a review of their IB. Whilst being political is justified in the circumstances, lets not forget the individuals who are at the “dirty stick” end of the cuts – mentally ill and learning difficulty people who are being made homeless because of this process and , even if there were jobs for them to go to, cannot work and should not be made to.

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  5. James Chan says:


    I’m hoping to come on Saturday 5th. I’m a doctor in York and have just been forming a campaign strategy opposing the health ‘reforms’, and organising locally. Happy to share.

    Also, I don’t know anticipate many protesters will need to have their chests compressed to be revived, but I’d bet many may be grateful for a bit of know-how regarding basic bone fractures, sprains, wounds, head injuries, eye injuries etc… happy to share what I know.

    Email me.

    • cutscafe says:

      Hi James,

      Saturday is a good day for a medically minded person to come along. I’m sure the people at the NHS and privatisation workshop will be interested in what you’ve been up to on this issue in York.

      The CPR workshop is to quickly cover basics. The people at the Green and Black Cross workshop on ‘Supporting Action in Leeds’ (Thurs 3rd, 6-8) will quite possibly end up organising another in depth three day action medic training.

  6. Si Voodoo says:

    Just to say, good luck and hope to get down at some point this week, I shall pass on the news!


  7. ann czernik says:

    I’m a photographer who has been photographing student activists in Leeds for about 4 months and I write features for Morning Star. Could I possibly visit you to take some images and learn more about your project.
    Ann Czernik

    • cutscafe says:

      Hi Ann, you’re welcome to come down any time. Photos are fine, but if there are people in the background just ask them if they’re ok being in them. See you there,
      Cafe x

  8. anywave says:

    I’m coming down for the health workers and NHS workshops –

    I’m looking to set up an afinity group for anarchist/activist/feminist/… healthcare workers in Leeds/ Bradford /Valleys area
    to protect the NHS
    and work for autonomous and self help healthcare.

    Please email anywave [at] riseup [dot] net if you are interested.

    • cutscafe says:

      Hi, good thing that you’re coming down for the Basic life Support and NHS workshops. I think you might find people doing a v similar thing to what you’re looking to set up. 🙂

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