We’re in 10 Templar Place, LS2 7LW

We’re on the corner of Templar Place and Templar Street. Look for the glass door at the corner, if it’s not open just knock, we’re inside. To get to Templar Street, head to the Eastgate roundabout at the bus station end of Headrow/Eastgate, take the first street on the left where Buckle Café used to be (Lady Lane) and it’s the first right. Check it out on the map below.

Why we’re here

We’re not just here for the scenic views of the market carpark, we’re here because Templar Street lies bang in the middle of the Eastgate and Harewood Quarter development, a 7-year old plan for a new shopping centre that has seen local businesses forced out as the Council compulsory purchased their properties to make way for private developers, Hammerson. Locals didn’t leave without a fight, indeed publicly accusing the council of sacrificing local businesses in favour of large retailers’ profits.

With plans on hold for the last few years, this area of the city has been completely neglected and buildings once inhabited by local businesses lie empty. If you want to know more about why we’re putting on this week, check out this page.


One Response to Location

  1. Brent Cross says:

    Check out another HAMMERSON battle at


    – the Cuts Cafe is mentioned, and there are links to Guardian articles about it.

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