Get Involved

1. Come along

There’s loads to get involved with inside, like the workshops, our art wall, adding to the map of Leeds cuts stories and just sharing stories over dinner. See the timetable for more info.


2. Bring others

We want your pals. So invite them to the facebook event, forward them our last blog post and tell them about it face to face.


3. Sign up to a rota

We’ve got some rotas inside for those able to help out. We especially need volunteers to help out cooking and to welcome people into the space, so put your name down or email us at if you can help out.


4. Bring some useful stuff

We’re busy making it beautiful but there’s a few things we could do with more of:

Cool articles and zines, and computers to access even more.

Lamps, disco balls,fairy lights, heaters.

Chairs, sofas, tables, cushions, pillows, mattresses, rugs, bedding.

Plates, cups, bowls, cutlery.

Stuff to make banners: paints, brushes and material.

Games, CD players, a dictaphone and kids stuff.

And lastly, room dividers.


3 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Hello.

    My work collegue Andy Brown passed this information onto me and i’d love to come down and support this week long event. I’m plannign on coming down Wednesday evening and i’ll try to bring some people with me. Keep up the great work. I’ll spread the word around x

  2. Hi,

    would like to talk with you about getting involved. I run an arts event series here & occasionally arrange events in other cities in Yorkshire mainly. Screening, live music, sound art etc etc. + i’m an artist myself, working with field recordings / intuitive music etc.

  3. cutscafe says:

    Shaneen – Great, see you Wednesday!

    Jez, I’m sure you’d be v welcome to get involved. The space will be open till Sunday and you can check our timetable to see what times are free. Email us

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