Join us for a week of workshops, action and discussion relating to the current ideology underpinning Con-Dem government cuts and the privatisation of public and social services.

Cuts cafe is going to be an occupied space in the city centre that we’ll put to use with workshops, talks, art spaces, actions and entertainment. It’ll be open all week with tea and a space to chill as well as ongoing activites to engage with to help us explore the way the cuts are affecting Leeds, how we use public services and what the government spends our money on.

There’s a provisional timetable which we’ll update nearer the time. Events include talks about the NHS, housing in Leeds, education and benefits, discussions on how we can learn from past and present resistance movements, a film night, games night, live music and a poetry slam (see here for more details). There will also be spaces to talk about how to organise collectively in Leeds.


We’re putting this on alongside the cuts agenda of the current government, trying to work out a response that looks to transform, not defend, the status quo. But hopefully more answers will emerge from discussions throughout the week.


The location will be made public nearer the time (subscribe to the blog via the homepage or join the facebook group for updates), but it will be in Leeds city centre.

We’re taking control of a space in the city centre to highlight Leeds City Council’s plans of redevelopment and gentrification, which will price out local communities and businesses. Yet again, government pours money into the hands of the private sector whilst the majority suffers.

We want to reclaim our city, discover new desires and create our own autonomous, community-managed spaces!

Invite your friends

Spread the word. Everything will be decided by those who turn up. So invite your friends on follow the blog, invite them to the facebook event, we’ve got lots of posters and flyers so let us know if you can spread them in your area or at any events you’re going to. And see you there.


2 Responses to About

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  2. Emma Jackson says:

    Hi Guys,

    Wow, I am gutted that I missed the Cuts Cafe event! Grrr. I wondered if you are planning anymore or have any other projects on the go? What you are doing sounds great and I would love to get involved in some way…

    Hope to hear from you


    Emma Jackson
    Pout Productions

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