So far so good

Cuts Cafe, 10 Templar Street, LS2 7LW

1. So far so good

What a success. The place has been buzzing, great workshops, tasty food and lots of exciting conversations. Great turnout, the dance and film night was packed, thanks for spreading the word. But there’s more to come:

2. What’s coming up

So the timetable’s been growing. Here’s a preview of what’s coming up over the next few days.

– Workshops on families, surveillance, unionism, benefits, free education and the NHS.
– A poetry slam, dance performance, bands and DJ night (check tomorrow for the lineup), games through the city, haircuts and acoustic music.
– Skill shares on radical healthcare, clothesmaking and making wallets (specially for kids).
– And there’s a big library cuts demo on Saturday, want to plan something for Leeds? Let us know.

3. Hammerson

Those lovely mega-property developers have released a statement in defence of their gentrification, check it out here. See our press release to find out why we don’t like them.

Oh and vote for us, yes?

4. What’s not on the timetable

While there’s lots of nice workshops to be going to, it would also be great for us to use the space to plan actions about those very things we’ve just been talking to. Come on down, find some friends, ask around for tips, make some banners (we’ve got the stuff) and arm yourself with legal knowledge from our library. And on Sunday we’ve got a session talking about what we want to be doing once we’ve left Cuts Café. Deeds not words and all that.

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One Response to So far so good

  1. Anon says:

    You may wish to ask Hammerson why they are not publishing suggestions made by the public to their discussion wall… Hardly engaging!

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