Cuts Cafe secret location revealed!

Cuts Cafe, 10 Templar Place, LS2 7LW
Jan 31st – Febuary 6th


1. We’re in!
We’re busy setting up at the corner of Templar Place and Templar Street, near the market. Check out this page to find out how to get here.

2. Come along
There’s a very exciting timetable of events planned for the week. We’ve got workshops looking at everything from Leeds ‘regeneration’ to the NHS, planning meetings for supporting local action, and all sorts of performances, fun and games, and a poetry slam. Take a look.

3. Bring your friends
Please bring your friends along, send them this message, invite them to our facebook event and follow us on twitter.

4. And get involved
We’ve got loads of workshops you can participate in and activities going on throughout the day. If you’re free tomorrow, pop along and help us make the space nice and welcoming. There are rotas to sign up to if you can help us cook and welcome newcomers, email us if you want to sign up beforehand. And if you’ve got space in your bag / bike trailer / car then we’ve got a wish list of stuff we could do with, like mugs and glasses, soft furnishings and electric heaters. See here for details.

See you soon!

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One Response to Cuts Cafe secret location revealed!

  1. NetworkX says:

    Event date: February 02, 2011 18:30

    Upstairs, Rutland Arms Pub, Brown Street Sheffield

    Places: sheffield

    open meeting to discuss reponses to the upcoming ConDem government meetings in Sheffield March 11-13

    Contact email:

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