Manic Monday: the lowdown

We want to start the week with a bang, so we’ve planned an exciting Monday.

Firstly, we’ll be setting up all day, so come along to help decorate, make the space look welcoming from the outside, introduce ourselves to our new neighbours and set up the ongoing activities. We’ll have paints ready and will be starting the art wall and there’ll be tea and coffee throughout the day.

At 9am we’ve got an earlybird Countermapping Leeds workshop exploring how representations of space affect how we interact with our city.

Then at 5.30, we’ve got a team of locals down to facilitate discussions around regeneration in the city, using the Kirkgate market as an example.

With dinner served at 7, we’ll be launching into a participatory and hopefully inspiring opening discussion. We’re going to be talking about what the cuts mean to us and to Leeds, why they’re happening, what’s our position towards them and what forms of action should we take around them. We’ll also be discussing how we can use the space we find ourselves in and what we want out of the week. We’d love input on this discussion, so if you’ve got ideas send them to

Don’t forget to check here on Monday to find out where we are, or like us on facebook and we’ll message you as soon as we can.

And for what’s down for the rest of the week, check out the timetable.

Cafe x

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