Cuts Cafe: One Week To Go

Here’s a general update, please post on your blogs / email to your friends. Ta!

Cuts Cafe, Leeds City Centre
Jan 31st – Febuary 6th

more info: and

1. What’s that again

A week long occupation to explore the changing values that determine how space, buildings and resources are used – beginning in the city we live in. We’re occupying a city centre space that has major plans for redevelopment, another example of the promotion of profit over people. While national and local governments cut welfare services for those who most need them, we want to create an alternative Leeds where the diverse needs and desires of residents, not corporate interest, determine the way that space and resources are used.

In the space, we will be exploring how we can mobilise and take action in Leeds that takes us closer to a city controlled by the community not undemocratic politicians and profit-hungry big business.

2. Timetable

We’ve now got a draft timetable of scheduled events up online, check it out at . It includes workshops and talks around benefits, housing, regeneration, learning from past resistance, unionism and disability as well as action planning around the cuts. There’ll be dinner at 7 every day for a small donation and tea and hot drinks on tap.

We’ll also have ongoing activities to participate with whenever you drop in. There’ll be a chance to get creative, plot memories on a map of Leeds, share stories about your experience of services and compare your priorities with those of the national government.

3. Fun

As well as workshops there’s a packed programme of fun, including a fully-furnished cinema, a band night, two dance performances and outdoor games throughout the city centre. We’re also hoping for it to be a nice space to spend time in, so if you’re good with decor or have any spare furnityre, pop over on Sunday and Monday to help beautify.

4. Where is it?

We’re keeping schtum about the exact location for now, but we’ll make it public nearer the time. It’s going to be in a city centre location with lots of transport links.

5. Get Involved

Keen to be part of it? Have a workshop to offer? Want to help us put on the week? Email us back on and we’ll be in touch.

6. More info

We’re updating our website with a lot more information, so check it out and subscribe to updates if you’re interested. You’ll also find a page talking about why we’re fighting the cuts and a page setting out a “safer spaces” agreement to ensure people feel comfortable inside the space.

Pass it on, and see you there,

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