So far so good

Cuts Cafe, 10 Templar Street, LS2 7LW

1. So far so good

What a success. The place has been buzzing, great workshops, tasty food and lots of exciting conversations. Great turnout, the dance and film night was packed, thanks for spreading the word. But there’s more to come:

2. What’s coming up

So the timetable’s been growing. Here’s a preview of what’s coming up over the next few days.

– Workshops on families, surveillance, unionism, benefits, free education and the NHS.
– A poetry slam, dance performance, bands and DJ night (check tomorrow for the lineup), games through the city, haircuts and acoustic music.
– Skill shares on radical healthcare, clothesmaking and making wallets (specially for kids).
– And there’s a big library cuts demo on Saturday, want to plan something for Leeds? Let us know.

3. Hammerson

Those lovely mega-property developers have released a statement in defence of their gentrification, check it out here. See our press release to find out why we don’t like them.

Oh and vote for us, yes?

4. What’s not on the timetable

While there’s lots of nice workshops to be going to, it would also be great for us to use the space to plan actions about those very things we’ve just been talking to. Come on down, find some friends, ask around for tips, make some banners (we’ve got the stuff) and arm yourself with legal knowledge from our library. And on Sunday we’ve got a session talking about what we want to be doing once we’ve left Cuts Café. Deeds not words and all that.

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Cuts Cafe secret location revealed!

Cuts Cafe, 10 Templar Place, LS2 7LW
Jan 31st – Febuary 6th


1. We’re in!
We’re busy setting up at the corner of Templar Place and Templar Street, near the market. Check out this page to find out how to get here.

2. Come along
There’s a very exciting timetable of events planned for the week. We’ve got workshops looking at everything from Leeds ‘regeneration’ to the NHS, planning meetings for supporting local action, and all sorts of performances, fun and games, and a poetry slam. Take a look.

3. Bring your friends
Please bring your friends along, send them this message, invite them to our facebook event and follow us on twitter.

4. And get involved
We’ve got loads of workshops you can participate in and activities going on throughout the day. If you’re free tomorrow, pop along and help us make the space nice and welcoming. There are rotas to sign up to if you can help us cook and welcome newcomers, email us if you want to sign up beforehand. And if you’ve got space in your bag / bike trailer / car then we’ve got a wish list of stuff we could do with, like mugs and glasses, soft furnishings and electric heaters. See here for details.

See you soon!

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Manic Monday: the lowdown

We want to start the week with a bang, so we’ve planned an exciting Monday.

Firstly, we’ll be setting up all day, so come along to help decorate, make the space look welcoming from the outside, introduce ourselves to our new neighbours and set up the ongoing activities. We’ll have paints ready and will be starting the art wall and there’ll be tea and coffee throughout the day.

At 9am we’ve got an earlybird Countermapping Leeds workshop exploring how representations of space affect how we interact with our city.

Then at 5.30, we’ve got a team of locals down to facilitate discussions around regeneration in the city, using the Kirkgate market as an example.

With dinner served at 7, we’ll be launching into a participatory and hopefully inspiring opening discussion. We’re going to be talking about what the cuts mean to us and to Leeds, why they’re happening, what’s our position towards them and what forms of action should we take around them. We’ll also be discussing how we can use the space we find ourselves in and what we want out of the week. We’d love input on this discussion, so if you’ve got ideas send them to

Don’t forget to check here on Monday to find out where we are, or like us on facebook and we’ll message you as soon as we can.

And for what’s down for the rest of the week, check out the timetable.

Cafe x

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Cuts Cafe: One Week To Go

Here’s a general update, please post on your blogs / email to your friends. Ta!

Cuts Cafe, Leeds City Centre
Jan 31st – Febuary 6th

more info: and

1. What’s that again

A week long occupation to explore the changing values that determine how space, buildings and resources are used – beginning in the city we live in. We’re occupying a city centre space that has major plans for redevelopment, another example of the promotion of profit over people. While national and local governments cut welfare services for those who most need them, we want to create an alternative Leeds where the diverse needs and desires of residents, not corporate interest, determine the way that space and resources are used.

In the space, we will be exploring how we can mobilise and take action in Leeds that takes us closer to a city controlled by the community not undemocratic politicians and profit-hungry big business.

2. Timetable

We’ve now got a draft timetable of scheduled events up online, check it out at . It includes workshops and talks around benefits, housing, regeneration, learning from past resistance, unionism and disability as well as action planning around the cuts. There’ll be dinner at 7 every day for a small donation and tea and hot drinks on tap.

We’ll also have ongoing activities to participate with whenever you drop in. There’ll be a chance to get creative, plot memories on a map of Leeds, share stories about your experience of services and compare your priorities with those of the national government.

3. Fun

As well as workshops there’s a packed programme of fun, including a fully-furnished cinema, a band night, two dance performances and outdoor games throughout the city centre. We’re also hoping for it to be a nice space to spend time in, so if you’re good with decor or have any spare furnityre, pop over on Sunday and Monday to help beautify.

4. Where is it?

We’re keeping schtum about the exact location for now, but we’ll make it public nearer the time. It’s going to be in a city centre location with lots of transport links.

5. Get Involved

Keen to be part of it? Have a workshop to offer? Want to help us put on the week? Email us back on and we’ll be in touch.

6. More info

We’re updating our website with a lot more information, so check it out and subscribe to updates if you’re interested. You’ll also find a page talking about why we’re fighting the cuts and a page setting out a “safer spaces” agreement to ensure people feel comfortable inside the space.

Pass it on, and see you there,

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A Timetable!

So we’ve got a timetable now. It’s in very infant form, but should give you a taster of what will be going on in the week. If you feel something’s missing, please get in touch to let us know! It’s

Check nearer the time for the real thing. You can find a link to it at the top of the page, but you can also just click here:


Love Cafe x

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Cuts Cafe: An Update

So, the cuts cafe ball has been rolling and we thought we’d share what’s new. If you’ve got any suggestions or want to get involved, message me back.


Cuts cafe is going to be an occupied space in the city centre that we’ll put to use with workshops, talks, art spaces, actions and entertainment. It’ll be open all week with tea and a space to chill as well as ongoing activites to engage with to help us explore the way the cuts are affecting Leeds, how we use public services and what the government spends our money on.

There will be a timetable of events published nearer the time which will include talks about the NHS, housing in Leeds, education and benefits, discussions on how we can learn from past and present resistance movements, a film night, games night, live music and a poetry slam (see here for more details: ). There will also be spaces to talk about how to organise collectively in Leeds.


We’re putting this on alongside the cuts agenda of the current government, trying to work out a response that looks to transform, not defend, the status quo. But hopefully more answers will emerge from discussions throughout the week.

Invite your friends

Spread the word. Everything will be decided by those who turn up. So invite your friends on follow the blog, invite them to the facebook event (, we’ve got lots of posters and flyers so let us know if you can spread them in your area or at any events you’re going to. And see you there.

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January 31st – February 6th

Join us for a week long occupation where we will be exploring the changing values that determine how space, buildings and resources are used – beginning in the city we live in.  We will be occupying a city centre space that has major plans for redevelopment, promoting profit over people. We want to create an alternative Leeds where the diverse needs and desires of residents, not  corporate interest, determine the way space is used.
Workshops on privatisation, housing,education, redevelopment and the NHS.

We will be exploring how we can mobilise and take action in Leeds.

Come and participate. Leave a comment if you want to get involved.


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